On-demand Webinar

Leveraging the full value of existing clinical trial data resources

This webinar discusses how to unlock further value from existing study data through an integrated software platform advancing a pharma data strategy. 

René van den Bersselaar, CIO at Debiopharm International, describes the ways his team adapted a complete data management solution, through a partnership with BC Platforms, to implement a unique data strategy and support their innovative oncology pipeline. 


  • Novel insights associated with maximizing the value of existing clinical trial datasets
  • Easier browsing through vast amounts of anonymous clinical research data
  • Automation of previously manual tasks, increasing the data output value to ultimately provide benefits to patients
  • Coordination of research studies in a single platform
  • Improvement in consolidation and harmonization of data



This collaboration provides greater insights into Debiopharm’s development pipeline in order to support therapeutic strategies. 

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