Secure Data Governance

Need a safe platform to share data or search patient information?

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Learn how to:

  • Streamline the patient data search process for design of clinical and research projects

  • Directly communicate with biobanks hosting thousands of samples and patient cohorts

  • Ensure data security and patient confidentiality - only summary level data exposed

  • Maintain full control over research proposals and data requests

Fostering cross-industry collaboration and secure, large scale data sharing; The complex is made intuitive with BC Platforms.

Looking to incorporate genomic data into your healthcare workflow?

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Learn how to:

  • Manage both NGS and Genotyping data

  • Perform secondary and tertiary analysis and integrate omics data into clinical workflows

  • Produce scalable reports of clinical variants, PGx and Genetic Risk Scores 

Explore BC Platforms customizable solutions which can be merged into an existing workflow or provide one platform for data storage, management, and analysis across the drug development and clinical pipeline all the way through to actionable insights for physicians.

Need a way to process and analyze large amounts of genomic data?

Fill out the form below for a guide to BC Platforms tools for management and analysis of NGS and genotyping data.

Learn how to:

  • Efficiently manage different types of data in one place

  • Compress data for fast downstream processing

  • Logically split and systematically run analyses

  • Integrate new projects with existing systems for long term management

    With BC Platforms, create fast, automated pipelines for data quality check and processing.  

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