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Transforming Oncology through Real-World Data

Harnessing real-world evidence to drive innovation in cancer research and care

Real-world data plays a crucial role in oncology research and drug development by providing a more comprehensive, real-world perspective on how treatments work, their effectiveness in diverse patient populations, and their long-term safety and cost-effectiveness. This data is increasingly recognized as a valuable resource in the oncology field, enabling more informed decision-making for clinicians, researchers, regulators, and patients.

Unlocking Cancer's Secrets: How Real-World Data is Revolutionizing Oncology

Real-world data from electronic health records, cancer registries, and claims databases are providing invaluable insights into non-small cell lung cancer, follicular lymphoma, marginal zone lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and other hematologic malignancies

Analyzing real-world data is enabling researchers to better understand prognosis, treatment responses, side effects, and outcomes in diverse patient populations

  • For lung cancer, real-world data analysis is being used to study immune checkpoint inhibitor effectiveness, identify predictive biomarkers, and assess quality of life.
  • For follicular and marginal zone lymphomas, real-world data helps elucidate prognosis, inform treatment sequencing, and characterize rare transformations.
  • For chronic lymphocytic leukemia, real-world data sheds light on outcomes with novel targeted therapies.

By harnessing real-world evidence, researchers can complement clinical trials and drive advances in oncology care. BC Platforms, through globally sourced and analysis-ready oncology data, support your research to achieve these important goals.

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The future of cancer care lies in our ability to translate real-world insights into improved treatments and outcomes. As real-world data in oncology continues to grow in scope and scale, its potential to drive advances across the cancer care continuum will be profound. By harnessing real-world data, we can usher in an era of data-driven, personalized medicine that transforms how cancer is prevented, detected, treated, and monitored. The promise of real-world data in oncology is clear - together, let's realize it for the benefit of patients worldwide. Our comprehensive real-world data solutions are ready to empower your organization's efforts and accelerate progress against cancer. From Data to Health.


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