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Advances in Targeted Treatment for the Heterogenous Bladder Cancer Population

🕒 60 MIN 

Gain insights into tailoring advanced precision therapies for Bladder Cancer, promising improved treatment efficacy and personalized patient care

Join us for an in-depth exploration of the latest breakthroughs in precision therapy and their implications for Bladder Cancer treatment. This webinar will delve into the nuances of targeted treatments that address the diverse genetic profiles found within the bladder cancer patient community. Our experts will provide insights into how these innovative therapies are being tailored to individual patient needs, overcoming the challenges posed by the disease's heterogeneity. The session will also highlight key clinical trials and emerging technologies that are setting new standards in personalized medicine.

Key takeaways:

  •  ➔ Gain insights into the heterogeneity of Bladder Cancer, including variations in genetics, histology, and patient profiles, and how these factors influence treatment approaches.
  •  ➔ Learn about the evolution of precision medicine in oncology and how emerging treatments could better target the bladder cancer population.
  •  ➔ Hear about the obstacles in clinical trials and Real-World Data (RWD) collection that impact the development of treatment guidelines and clinical practice.
  • ➔ Understand the increasing importance of RWD in enhancing treatment strategies and informed clinical decisions through a detailed case study discussion.

Featured speakers:

Solomon Kamal-Uddin
Dr. Solomon Kamal-Uddin
Strategic Medical Director
BC Platforms
Host & Moderator
Manuel Castanheira de Oliveira
Dr. Manuel Castanheira de Oliveira
Centro Hospitalar de Santo António
Albert Carrión
Dr. Albert Carrión
University of Vall Hebron
Giuseppe Banna
Dr. Giuseppe Banna
Consultant Medical Oncologist
Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

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