BC Platforms is part of the European Health Data and Evidence Network (EHDEN) community, supporting the mission to establish an EU wide architecture for federated analyses of real world data, enabling faster insights and evidence at scale in health research, open science collaboration and outcomes-driven healthcare in Europe.

A core aspect of the EHDEN project is in collaboration with a community of data contributors to have healthcare data being mapped to the common data model (OMOP model). BC Platforms is actively working to realize this mission. We developed our diverse Global Data Partner Network BCRQUEST.COM to enable realization of the full potential of real-world data.

Better Health Decisions, Outcomes and Care for Patients through Data Harmonization

The EHDEN Community consists of data contributors, such as university or non-academic hospitals and biobanks, Small-to-Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs), The Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI) program and Researchers.

Collectively this community have greater than 100 million anonymised health records being mapped to the common data model for either diverse disease areas, or specifically for COVID-19, to make significant and faster improvements in healthcare systems, services and new treatment options.

BC Platform's services through EHDEN funding

BC Platforms as a certified OMOP Expert provides support to EHDEN network in standardizing and mapping their health data to the common data model, as well as with installation of the analytical infrastructure.

Data contributors can apply for financial support up to 100.000 Euro from EHDEN's Harmonisation Fund. Read more about the funding and our collaboration model further down.

OMOP mapping increases your research opportunities and adds value to your datasets

  • Increase your data value through interoperability
  • Enhance your research capacity and reproducibility
  • Increase your readiness for industry partnering and evidence generation
  • Increase your ROI and sustainability

Grant Options

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  • Owner of EMR, claims, registry or hospital data
  • Other longitudinal, personal-level observational health data source
  • Data sources from EU member state or associated country

Experience with health data translation

Parsing algorithms, Pentaho ETL tool, data modeling, linking genetic data to clinical data for clinical or research purposes. Standardization of genomic data (genotyping, NGS).

Other expertise
Genomic and clinical data integration and analytics, bioinformatics, statistical genomics, data science services, on-prem and cloud based infrastructure solutions. Federated data network solutions.

Interested in mapping your health data with us?

We believe in the power of real-world data to accelerate research discoveries and reduce patient risk in drug development, and encourage You to join this EU-wide collaboration project to standardize healthcare data at scale.

EHDEN invites new data contributors in Europe to map their health data to the OMOP common data model during 15th September - 13th October 2020. Data contributors can apply for funding to pay a certified SME to provide support in the standardization process and installation of the analytical infrastructure.

Collaboration model



Are you interested in mapping your health data with us, please contact us at: outi.tornwall[@]bcplatforms.com


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For more information, visit www.ehden.eu


This project has received funding from the Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 Joint Undertaking (JU) under grant agreement No 806968. The JU receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and EFPIA.

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