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Ground-breaking open solution for Real World Data and Research

A  scalable research data warehouse, offering extended research analytics capabilities within secure research workspaces. BC|INSIGHT 7 is equipped with cohort building tools and capabilities to automate your data release approval process.  

BC|INSIGHT 7  is an integral part of the Trusted Collaboration Environment (TCE), Trusted Research Environment (TRE) and RWD Platform solutions offered by BC Platforms.  This allows making datasets available with external collaborators (using BC|SAFEBOX) and sets the stage to become a data partner in BC Platforms’ Data Partner network, BCRQUEST.com.

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BC|INSIGHT 7 is a fully persona-driven platform, aligning to the highest data security and regulatory standards, supporting large-scale data analysis for insights generation and breakthroughs in medicine. 

Provides the foundation for 3 key business workflows in your secure collaboration environment.

1. Data Provisioning and Management - the data administrators of your Trusted Collaboration/Research Environment can define clinical and genomic datasets, load raw data to those datasets and set appropriate permissions on those datasets - providing automation with full control of your data assets and pipelines.

2. Workspaces for Data Analysis - The researchers in your Trusted Collaboration/Research Environment use an intuitive, newly designed interface with a Custom Analysis Framework (based on Nextflow), supporting both internal and external researchers. This accelerated open analysis framework also utilizes  BC|TILING technology for analyzing massive genomic datasets (I million WGS and above). Data and users are logically separated into Workspaces e.g. per study or therapeutic area, equipped with a new Cohort Discovery toolset -  supporting faster discoveries.
3. Feasibility & Research Planning - When BC|INSIGHT 7  is deployed in accordance with BC Platforms’ BC|RQUEST Availability and Access Portal, researchers can initially explore cohorts of interest at summary level, then apply for access to row level data within a workspace - opening new opportunities for fully secure research collaboration. 


Lays the groundwork for “beyond-your-organization” secure data sharing and enabling research collaboration, forming our ground-breaking Trusted Collaboration Environment.



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A fully persona-driven, Data Analysis Platform, for insights generation and breakthroughs in medicine.